How to write a thank you note

A thank you note is a gracious way to repay kindness. 
A thank you note –especially handwritten- expresses your gratitude and makes others feel appreciated. More
importantly, it shows that you are respectful (and who doesn’t want to look good?). Yes, writing a thank you note is necessary. Just saying thank you isn’t enough.

Writing thank you notes isn’t terribly difficult or time consuming –it takes just a few minutes at most! The excess of having no time to write a thank you note isn’t acceptable. Think about all the time and effort, not to
mention expense that may have been involved in providing a favor, a gift, a dinner, lending a sympathetic ear, putting a party together or other acts of generosity.

When you sit down to craft a thank you note or letter, be yourself and write with sincerity. Your letters and notes should reflect your personality, as if you were talking
with the recipient in person. Be sure to use the following basic elements in the structure of your note.

ü  Always use a salutation or greeting. Depending on your
relationship, you may use either a first or last name and appropriate title.

ü  Keeping mind that three to five sentences are all that’s necessary. In the main body of your thank you note. Some additional tips about the body of your thank you include the following:


  • Refer to the gift, deed, or act of kindness by name (“not just thank you for the present”) or describe the deed.
  • If you have been given a gift, say what you like about it and mention how you plan to use it.
  • If someone went out of the way to help you, mention the actual deed and how that person’s support was beneficial.
  • A thank you note isn’t the time to talk about your vacation or other activities unrelated to the gift, good deed, or occasion.


ü  Include a closing sentence. You want your closing statement t flow with the letter or note. The closing sentence can be a final mention of your appreciation or something as simple as “I hope to see you soon.” You never want a close that is too abrupt, long, flowery, or negative such as “I am sure you are bored of reading this,” or “you’ve probably heard enough.”

ü  Close your letter appropriately. Depending on your relationship, a close can be personal (Yours truly,) or formal (Respectfully,”).

ü  Thank you notes should be sent within 48 hours at best. If it happens to take a bit longer, don’t apologize or make excuses why you are late.

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